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Will a Towing Service Damage My Vehicle?

Most car owners have experienced that dreaded moment when their vehicle breaks down on the road, leaving them stranded. In such situations, getting help from a towing service is the most logical step to get the car safely off the road and to a repair shop. However, there’s often a concern about whether a towing service might damage the vehicle during the process. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Miles Towing Service.

Will a Towing Service Damage My Vehicle?

Professional Towing Equipment

Professional towing companies invest in the right equipment to ensure your car is towed safely. They use specialized tow trucks that are designed to transport the vehicle securely. Extra precautions are taken for low-clearance vehicles or cars with low-hanging bumpers, as it minimizes the risk of damage.

Trained and Experienced Drivers

A professional towing service employs drivers who are trained and experienced in handling different types of vehicles. They know how to secure a vehicle to the tow truck properly, ensuring it doesn’t shift or move during transit. They also know how to navigate different types of terrain and road conditions without putting your vehicle at risk.

Preventing Damage to the Towed Vehicle

To prevent any damage to the vehicle being towed, a professional towing service takes the following precautions:

Use of Safety Chains: Safety chains are used to secure the vehicle to the tow truck. These chains prevent the vehicle from moving excessively and minimize the risk of damage.

Soft-Straps or Wheel Lifts: Soft-straps or wheel lifts are used to lift the vehicle onto the tow truck. These methods are gentle on the vehicle and prevent body or undercarriage damage.

Proper Distribution of Weight: The vehicle’s weight should be evenly distributed on the tow truck to prevent any damage to the suspension or frame. A professional towing service knows how to distribute the weight properly to ensure the vehicle’s safety.

Damage-Free Towing

Miles Towing Service is committed to providing damage-free towing. We take all necessary precautions to ensure your vehicle is towed safely and without damage. We provide professional roadside assistance to the Philadelphia area. Contact us today at (215) 783-6919 for assistance.