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3 Warning Signs You Need to Pull Over

No one likes dealing with car problems, especially when you’re already on the road. However, for your own safety and the safety of others, there are certain signs your car may give you that you should not ignore. Our team at Miles Towing Service has put together a list of three warning signs that mean you should pull over right away.

Warning Signs You Need to Pull Over

1. Strange or Loud Noises

Sure, it may be tempting to just turn up the radio and pretend you don’t hear the rattling or popping noise coming from your car. However, if you hear strange, loud noises coming from your car, you should pull over right away to be safe. Chances are, it’s just a piece of debris stuck in your car that can be easily removed, but there’s also a chance it’s a major issue with your engine. Pull over right away and check the engine yourself, or call for roadside assistance.

2. Smoke or Steam

Steam or smoke of any kind coming out of your car means that something is definitely wrong. Steam may mean your cooling system is malfunctioning, which can overheat and cause costly damage to your car’s engine. Likewise, smoke likely means there is a big issue with your car’s engine, maybe even an engine fire. If you see any signs of smoke or steam, pull over right away and get out of your car quickly if you suspect fire.

3. Strange Handling

Finally, if the steering wheel in your car starts moving on its own, wobbling, getting stuck, or feels loose, pull over right away. Handling issues like these can make driving very difficult and dangerous, and could quickly lead to an accident. Hopefully, the issue is easily resolved, but there is always the chance that you have a broken wheel or tire causing your car to handle strangely.

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