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Could You Benefit from Our Auto Transport Services?

At Miles Towing Service, we provide a variety of services to the residents in Philadelphia, PA, and nearby areas. Not only do we provide excellent roadside service, towing, and lock-out services, we also offer professional auto transport services. This means that you can get your vehicle picked up from an auction or delivered to a dealership. Read on to learn if this service could be beneficial to you.

Auto Transport Services

Automotive Dealerships

Do you own or operate an automotive dealership? If so, you could definitely benefit from our auto transport services. You can offer your customers trade-in pick up if their vehicle isn’t drivable or they do not have the time to bring it to the dealership. Additionally, you can easily transfer vehicles from dealership to dealership with our services. Or, you can have cars picked up or delivered to auctions around the state. Our trustworthy service makes your job easier.

Car Auctions

Similarly, you could benefit from auto transport services if you are involved in car auctions. We can pick up from auction sites, tow vehicles from dealerships to auctions, or even deliver vehicles from auction sites to car dealers or car owners. Having a trustworthy service to rely on in these circumstances makes all the difference.

Long-Distance Towing

Finally, those that need long-distance towing could benefit from our services. We will tow and deliver cars up to 100 miles, and we are licensed, bonded, and insured. That means you can have your vehicle towed all throughout the Philadelphia area and even New Jersey! Typically, we can handle all types of vehicles up to 10,000 pounds, and we work hard to keep our rates affordable for you.

For auto transport services and roadside assistance you can depend on, contact the friendly staff at Miles Towing Service today at (215) 783-6919. We work throughout the Philadelphia area, including nearby communities in New Jersey, to provide our customers with the fastest, most affordable, and reliable towing services.