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Just picture yourself on the road when your car breaks down. You are at a loss for what to do and are unable to resolve the issue on your own. That is not a situation anyone wants to deal with. With roadside assistance, however, you can relax knowing that help is just a phone call away. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Miles Towing Service.

5 Benefits of Roadside Assistance

1. Jumpstart Battery

One of the quicker and easier benefits of roadside assistance is a battery jumpstart. Maybe you left your lights on or the weather is simply too cold. Whatever the reason, you can be sure that a professional technician will have everything necessary to get your car running again.

2. Roadside Tire Change

Roadside assistance services can get you moving again if you have a flat tire. Your flat tire can be changed or patched, and the air hose can be used to restore its shape. Roadside tire changes may be necessary if you have worn out tires, ran over a nail, or hit a pothole at the wrong angle.

3. Auto Locksmith Service

Anyone can experience an auto lockout. They are upsetting as well because it can be frightening when you are locked out of your car in an unknown location or when it is dark outside. A towing service provider can assist you in entering your vehicle if you’ve locked your keys inside. Someone equipped with auto locksmith tools will be dispatched to get you back on the road.

4. Vehicle Winch Out

A towing business can also winch out your vehicle from snow or mud if you get stuck. Professionals will have the necessary tools to pull your car or truck safely back on the road.

5. Tow Service

Of course, in some of the more frustrating scenarios, a tow service may be necessary. Sometimes, your vehicle will need more attention than what can be given on the side of the road. A roadside assistance company will be able to safely transport your vehicle to an auto shop where it can be properly repaired.

Located in Philadelphia, Miles Towing Service provides all of the above to drivers in Bensalem, PA, Cinnaminsin, NJ, and beyond. Contact us today at (215) 783-6919 for assistance.